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The Loutra Hotel: ‘A poet whom I admire.’
—Patricia Oxley, Acumen;

‘Wilson [is] a sharp-eyed observer of the contemporary scene.’
—Robert Nye, The Scotsman.

The Happy Land: ‘an extremely interesting series… affectionate and agreeable.’
—Allan Massie, The Sunday Times

Cellos in Hell: ‘…well worth reading… The writing is firm, well-directed, economical.’
—Edwin Morgan, Cencrastus;

‘…technically-accomplished, and highly readable … unflinching … grittily contemporary…’
—Mario Relich, Lines Review;

‘These are tough-imaged poems, yet well-crafted; formal and free verse being used as and when the occasion arises… The poems which reflect the conformity of suburbia, both in a mental and physical sense, are excellent. Wilson seems to have a real sense of what poetry is about.’
—Patricia Oxley, Acumen;

‘I find Jim C Wilson’s poems subtle yet unpretentious, humorous yet realistic.’
—Tessa Ransford

Paper Run: ‘A cracker of a little collection by a widely published and too-little known poet’
—Stuart Kelly, Scotland on Sunday